Site visits

As part of the conference, participants will have the opportunity to attend 2 site visits which have been specially arranged by PT PLN (Persero). Only 30 participants will entitled to attend the visits.

Date: 28 August 2013
Time: 1230 – 3pm
Location: PT PLN (Persero) Distribusi Jakarta Raya dan Tangerang
Departure point: Mandarin Oriental

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Site Visit 1
Implementation site of PrePaid Kwh Meter System which is part of PT PLN (Persero) Smart Electricity Program



Smart power is the latest innovation from PLN services promising further ease, freedom and comfort to its customers. With smart power, every customer can manage their own electricity use according to the needs and abilities.

As with handphone prepaid credits, with the smart electricity system, customers must first purchase credits (vouchers / rechargeable electric tokens) which consists of a 20-digit number that can be obtained through a bank ATM outlets or electricity bill payment counters online. Then, 20-digit token number is entered (input) into the special prepayment meter via the keypad which is provided on the prepayment meter.

The prepayment meter provides information on the amount of electrical energy (kWh) that can still be consumed. If the electrical energy stored in the prepayment meter is low, then the prepayment meter will give an early signal for urgent replenishment. Inventory of how many kWh can be added anytime according customer needs and desires. By using Smart Power, customers do not need to deal with meter reading which is usually done every month, and do not need to be tied to monthly electricity payment schedule. Thus, customers can more easily optimize power consumption with their own set of schedules and the amount of electricity purchased.

Site Visit 2
Visit to SCADA System of PT PLN (Persero) Jakarta Distribution Centre

In operation of power distribution, the main problem that arises is how to overcome disruptions quickly. With the SCADA technology which has been utilized by PLN Disjaya it is now not a problem anymore. SCADA enables disturbances to be quickly ratified.

With SCADA technology, disorder recovery can be done better and faster. As soon as an interruption occurs, the automatic SCADA system will give a signal. It will not take long to know the position of the disturbance and very  quickly disturbed areas can be localized and recovered immediately. How is this possible? Because the opening and operation of the electrical breaker equipment is performed remotely (master station) and conducted in real time.

The implementation of SCADA represents the commitment from PLN to improve service to its consumers. By utilizing cutting-edge electrical technology, PLN hopes electricity network conditions will be more reliable. This will enable consumers to enjoy electricity safely and comfortably.