An Annual Platform for the Utilities Industry to Gather in Southeast Asia

Utility Business Platform 2013 is being held in Jakarta, Indonesia

    An event crafted by the industry for the industry

    Southeast Asia Utility Business Platform is an event crafted by the industry for the industry with the aim of addressing the key issues facing the electric utility industry in the region. This year, the conference will focus on how utilities can ensure reliable and quality power through the adoption of next generation technologies in the market today such as smart grids and smart metering. A second focus will be on the maximising and protection of revenue for the utility.

    The conference is a two day programme with over 150 participants comprising of key stakeholders across the utility supply chain: utilities, regulators, investors and technology vendors. Concurrently there will be an exhibition showcasing the latest technology, solutions, services and products. In due course, this event will provide an annual platform for international and regional electric utility industry to gather in Southeast Asia.

    This is a dynamic event which should not be missed if you want to be kept abreast with the latest on-goings in the region’s power industry.

    I look forward to welcoming you in Jakarta!



    Zaf Coelho
    Project Director
    Southeast Asia Utility Business Platform

    Industry News
    New substation to secure city’s power
    PT PLN and PT Multi Fabrindo Gemilang signed a MoU on the expansion of 10 electricity substations in Jakarta in a bid to strengthen the city’s grid system.
    Smart grid necessary for the Philippines
    Smart grid is a game-changer in the Philippines’ energy sector and the technology will benefit Filipino households with better grid performance.
    Indonesia’s uphill battle to electrify its people
    Indonesia’s government will spend close to $9.5 billion in electricity subsides this year.
    SE Asia smart grid market to hit $3b by 2018
    Countries with robust industrial infrastructure as well as an advanced software market and a high acceptance level of new tech are expected to lead the growth.
    A smart grid can help sustain Indonesia’s growth
    Indonesia faces a daunting challenge to upgrade its various critical infrastructures and the price is enormous if it fails to invest in its infrastructure.
    Event Highlights
    Connect, interact and network with 200 utility stakeholders exploring industry developments in Southeast Asia’s growing electric utility industry
    20+ international and regional industry experts sharing their experiences and best
    Multiple strategic and technical sessions tailored to industry needs such as maximising revenue, next generation technologies, financing projects
    15+ exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies, solutions and products in the industry
    Site visits to T&D facilities in Jakarta